We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Should I remove the bag, at this point, or leave it? I’ve put a clear plastic bag over them as recommended. Your email address will not be published. Is it too wet in there? See our lesson on propagating chimera violets by blossom stems–this can be done for any violet. Plant violets in an actual African violet potting mix or any light, loose, fast … In any event, we prefer to root directly into a potting mix–you’re going to have to transplant into this anyway. African violets are very easily propagated from leaf. Step 7:  Pot plantlet. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Thanks! Have you ever heard of this happening? Fresh, tender, leaves are always better to propagate with. You can place in clear container or bag if you worry about it, until it shows growth. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Some condensation is normal. I have a very old violet plant (guessing 15 years+) that has not bloomed in several years. However, it is does rot, as long as the roots of the new plants are in tact, you can plant them in fresh soil and they should be fine. I started leaves in soil 9 months ago. I just tried to propagate my violet about 1-2 weeks ago. We prefer plastic pots, especially for minis, but clay is fine–you’ll just find yourself watering more frequently to keep the tiny root systems moist. It has 3-4 very small leaflets growing from the top of the leaf in a cluster. Could airborne bacteria or spore have caused those leaves to die? Typically, the parent plant should go on living. African Violet Care – Keeping Them Healthy. It has been about two months. Hello, I have yet two little plants from a “mother leaf”. I re-potted with extra soil and watered through the bottom and also the top. I started 4 AV leaves in one pot, which is staying in a plastic bag, started about 5 weeks ago. I hope you don’t mind another quick question. - Plants for collector & hobbyist! It can remain until you’re ready to pot up the small plantlet. If your rooting mix is light, and not overly soggy, this should be easily done without need for a knife. At present I have 15 plants, all blooming beautifully. A month or two after the roots form, you will see a tiny new African violet leaf form next to the base of the stem. The cat killed one, the other grew a large neck and was on its last legs, but I was able to save it using your instructions, and hopefully will produce a new plant or 2 to carry on as well. Maggie Moran is a Professional Gardener in Pennsylvania. Those pictured are ready to be separated and planted now, but we usually wait 4-5 months, since the extra time allows more plantlets to grow from the cutting. It is about a month old. Would need to see plant to know exactly what you mean, but yes. Choose 4-5 leaves from one African Violet plant if possible, otherwise 2 leaves are also fine to start with. After an African Violet leaf has rooted and formed new leaflets at its base, should I expect the parent leaf to rot? Any Ideas? Thanks again. Rooting An African Violet In Water. Step 8:  You’re done! You won’t have to worry about watering and it will keep the cuttings from wilting prior to producing roots. I have the main stem with connected roots but no leaves and multiple whole mature leaves in a bowl of water. If you’ve lost the center/growing point of the plant, your best bet is rooting the leaves. Cut a healthy leaf from the main plant with a sterilized knife or scissors. I constantly end up in a situation where a new plant loses its’ blooms, the leaves turn black and moldy, and finally the leaves separate from the stem, and then death. The leaves look great but I don’t see any small plants yet at the base of the stems. And if so, do I need to do that now (they were just placed in their regular pots two months ago) or should I do it on the next repotting ? My mom used to do this all the time and had great results. When do I cut off the “mother leaf”? Step 1:  Remove and trim leaf. Violets, and most gesneriads, can be propagated numerous ways–one reason they are so popular as houseplants. Hold the leaf stem at its base to reduce the risk of breaking it off. Fill a small pot (2″ or 2 1/4″) with your regular soil mix. To ‘perk up’ tired leaves you can leave them floating in a saucer of water–if you have it, add a drop of ‘Superthrive’ to the water. They are very healthy, but have not yet produced plantlets. All 3 plants were gifts so I don’t know their origins. Growing and shipping to everywhere since 1985. Avoid water much colder, or warmer, than room temperature. Next, plant the cutting into a small plastic pot filled ¾ of the way full with potting mix and seal the pot inside a clear plastic grocery bag. When large enough, you can pot them up the same as the other plantlets. At about 3-4 weeks, roots should begin forming on the petiole. To propagate your plant this way, you’ll need the leaf and a portion of the petiole (the stem-like structure that … Vermiculite and perlite help your soil retain moisture. They will stay small only if they are miniature varieties. Push the leaf petiole into this hole, up to the bottom of the leaf blade (as shown), and firm-in rooting mix around it. Step 4:  Plantlets at 12 weeks. I didn't know that you separate the little plants from the, "I have had the best luck by putting the leaf in water and letting it grow roots, then planting it in soil.". Is there anyway to stimulate new plantlets? Fresher is better, but does not need to be done immediately. After retiring I have decided to grow some African Violets as I never grew any while working. I just “discovered” this thread so I am not certain that this query has not already been addressed, but have you tried rooting leaves in perlite by keeping it moist rather than rooting them in water? longer to ensure your plant babies are vigorous enough for replanting. ", will try this method and provide an update on my progress. The roots and plantlets have appeared, the water looks good still, but there are a couple black spots and gold spots on the inside of the cups. For fungal infections, cover the leaves of your plants with sulfur. Here's your escape plan. I usually leave the parent leaf on, ad infinitum, but I wish to gift these on so they need to look neat. The temperature of the water is more important. I also used root growth hormone if that makes a difference. Is this the product you use? Step 6:  Prepare pot for plantlet. You won’t need to. You can root the leaf blade without the petiole, however. It has yet to produce a plant let but the root system has grown up and out the sides of the cup? We prefer to root directly in a very light potting mix, and keeping under cover in clear container or baggie. Soil should be moist, but not wet or soggy. Rooting powder, though not necessary, is not always harmful for violet cuttings. By creating an African Violet trimming from an existing plant, replanting your leaf stem, and later splitting up your plants, you can successfully propagate these gorgeous plants. There are perhaps 3, maybe 4 sprouts and they are approximately 3/4 to an inch tall…certainly clearly visible. You won't find these sold by mass producers! In the area and want to save on shipping? It may still produce plantlets, but it should have already by now. It can be done this way, though it’s certainly more complicated and the success rate may be less. I started mine in a seedling tray with commercially available planting disks that expand with water. Thanks for your advice/. To do so, sprinkle the seeds over moist medium (the same type you would use for propagation) and cover with a light layer of soil. I repotted the leaf shallowly so that the tiny plantlets will be exposed to light. This article was co-authored by Maggie Moran. I have learned a lot! I ordered a violet from you months ago and it is coming along quite well. I would appreciate your help as my local nursery suggested I check on line which is where I found you. I have a bunch of young African Violets that I propagated that are doing great and are on display in my bay window. Hi! Hi, I am poised to remove the parent leaf from some new plantlets. The optimal time for repotting is after some leaves have wilted a bit. I’ve cut leaves and placed them in a glass of water – stems in the water. Also, I recently read that the flower stems can also be used to propagate AVs but which is the more successful method of propagation, leaves or flower stems? [1] X Research source Vermiculite and perlite help your soil retain moisture. Violets do not react well to cold water; it can cause their roots to shrivel and their foliage to die off. So I wait until they do get taller to transplant? They have all grown to sizeable plants. Thank you for all this info. Since these tiny plants should already have roots, you do not need to apply rooting hormone. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. It comes with a clear plastic cover that preserves the humidity. Choose a leaf from the middle row of leaves, not too close to the center, and not too close to the outer edge. I must say that in my 80 years, I have NEVER found plants so carefully packed. AV seem to be very easy to root! Do you need to water during that time? It sounds like you need to reroot the crown. This is ,I guess, not the place for this question, please answer anyway, as growing African violets is my dream. Don’t worry too much if your plantlet doesn’t have many (or even any) roots–so long as the plantlet itself is healthy, it will produce roots when it is potted. Once the plantlets appear, you won’t need the “mother” leaf. Our rooting mix is 1 part Pro-Mix (a soil-less peat an perlite mix) and 3 parts coarse vermiculite. A healthy host plant with have a green stem without brown patches. We’ll usually put 6 to 8 stems into a 2 1/4″ pot. You can root leaf cuttings in perlite. Need to know much more than this. They are on shelves that suction to the window, so they are next to the glass. One trick, that some use, is to create additional small cuts or “nicks” along the petiole to encourage additional plantlets to sprout from these as well. I started my AV from two leaves in water. So I read your article and most comments, and now I have tiny plantlets from a leaf petiole. Thanks so much for this info. Plants should be shifted to larger pots as they grow, but keeping African violets slightly root-bound can encourage them to bloom. 7. But how do I get this stem shorter. I have to say I’m thrilled to have been able to do it at all (no green thumb here) and I’m looking forward to having little sisters of my favorite varieties. Hard to say. Be sure that the top of your cutting is sticking out of the soil. The African Violet Society of America recommends using a 20-20-20 plant food formulation, mixed with water, at half the recommended dosage. If you must root leaves from an infected plant, would advise washing leaves in dish soap and water, then segregating plantlets produced even once potted, until certain that they are pest free. Must a leaf be potted immediately after being removed from the plant in order to be successful in producing plantlets? From the information you provided, can’t give you a good answer. Hello, Your site has been very helpful, thank you. I only water the soil or the bottom dish. Usually, people use the oldest leaves that would otherwise be discarded–these are will be the hardest to use. This article has been viewed 50,129 times. You shouldn’t need to. Select Express shipping to guarantee safe and timely arrival. African violets are very hardy and do best in indirect or filtered sunlight. Then, place this in a bright place with moderate temperature–no direct sun or very warm locations, since this may cause the leaf cutting to rot or burn. - We grow all that we sell Thank you again. Also, I have pots that are self-watering- meaning they have water below that soaks into the upper pot. Open the bags every 3-4 days to provide water and make sure it is not too humid inside the bag. Basically, it is just a quality peat-based mix that we can buy in large quantities to use as a base for our own mix. Like any other violet, and it should produce plantlets true to the original plant. Using a sterile knife or scissors, remove a healthy leaf along with its stem from the base of the plant. Morning. thank you so much for your answer and help. African violets, formerly known by their botanical name Saintpaulia but now included within Streptocarpus , make attractive houseplants originating from tropical East Africa. There are two ways to propagate your African violets: leaf cuttings and through division. I had my first tiny leaf peak up from the soil yesterday and am so excited. Without knowing more, guessing the soil is being kept too wet/overwatered. Leave as it is. What am doing wrong? I wanted to share how I have eliminated mealy bugs. The cuttings from plant B, one is doing great and the other is doing okay. The baby is still alive after 4 weeks so should I try to wash off the powder and repot ? So I assume it must have grown roots by now. Because I open the bag (usually less than a minute) and you say it may take a few months for this process – will I need to add water at some point? It’s a good idea to do this when the plant has divided in two, although you don’t have to rush to do it the second this happens. I don't live in her town and didn't inherit her green thumb, so I came to wikiHow to learn how to properly propagate them. More than one leaf cutting may be rooted into a single pot, if there’s room. Leaves seem happy but no plantlets. Safe delivery Guaranteed! Propagating From Leaf Cuttings. Soil should be moist, not soggy, so nothing rots. Not sure of the question exactly. Remove it from this container in a few weeks. I use 10 drops per quart (I have a 1/2 gal milk jug that I marked off at the 4 cup line and the 8 cup line). December 14, 2020, From Vickie, in WV I Propagated mine without cutting the leaf because the cut leaves were the ones that failed. I’ve been given two mature leaves which have already been potted in a terracotta pot to propagate. Even inexperienced growers can quickly produce additional plants and expand their collection. After several years, an African violet can grow into a shape similar to that of a palm tree: the lower leaves tend to yellow and drop as the crown of the plant continues to grow upward.When the foliage crown reaches a couple of inches above the rim of the pot, you should rejuvenate your plant. Once it produces roots, it should recover. I found your site and enjoy your helpful lessons on Violet care. Thanks for your time!! This way the plantlets won’t have so far to go to reach the surface. I was very young when my mom did this and I wasn’t paying attention to time back then. I have bought several plants and they are all doing quite well. I use produce bags to make minuture greenhouses, I uncover them once a week to check on the soil. In wintertime, consider maintaining the plants in a terrarium. Is there anything I can do to revive even apart of this plant. I have a about 20 , some are about 3 months old, nothing yet. Can you help me figure out what I did wrong? the violets came yesterday in great shape. I can see some very fine hair size roots atop of the soil. Ideally, it will be slightly dry, or beginning to, by the time the plantlets are ready to pot. This sometimes happens, and they can be planted. Thank you for your help and all your words of wisdom. Though the mix may play a minor role, lack of blooms is more likely result of lack of adequate light. The idea is that more cuts means more exposed petiole from which to produce plantlets. Even with the same insulation I used in my house! I have never seen anything like it in my life. Will it be hard to keep them small? Just like they don’t require a great amount of care and they can be grown easily, they can be propagated without much problem. This would likely work, though we haven’t done this ourselves. Thank you for this informative description. You won’t need root hormone to root violet leaves, since they are tender and it can sometimes do more harm than good. But so far, I’m not seeing any new plantlet growth. We don’t root leaves in water ourselves–eventually they’ve got to go in soil anyway. If the plantlet is still very small and/or has few roots, you might want to place it into a clear, covered container or plastic baggie. Check our FAQ section, or search “mealy bugs” on our site for more information. Propagate your African violet in springtime, at the start of the growing season. See photo at left. They should separated and put into their own pots. Once you see shoots appearing at the base of the cutting, separate the shoots from the leaf stem and plant them individual pots filled with potting mix. Last time I tried to propagate by leaf, the leaves dried out and shriveled up, I think because the soil dried out and I was too afraid to water it because of fungus concerns with the plastic covering. The gold spots almost looks like burn marks. Your company is the best at shipping with no damage. If leaves were very old, rooted too deeply, in too firm a mix, or in extreme conditions (too wet/dry, hot/cold, etc), this can reduce the success rate and time. It can be purchased at most garden centers. Place the pot in an area that gets plenty of indirect sunlight, and water the plant every few days for 2 to 3 months. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. It’s likely those (beneath the soil surface) plantlets would have worked their way upwards, though some never do. See photo at left. Make a narrow hole in the mix–we like to use a “swizzle stick” for doing this. Keep soil moist, not soggy. The leaves look healthy, but there are very few roots. There’s no reason you can’t move them into fresh water–they won’t notice the difference. The cutting needs to be 1–1.5 inches (2.5–3.8 cm). It’s been at least three months, probably longer. The plants often develop multiple crowns, which can be split apart and used to propagate new plants. Sign up from any of our shopping cart pages. A healthy, firm and mature -- but not old -- leaf from the center of the African violet … We specialize in unusual varieties with superior blooming and growth habit. If it does, will the new plants live? Winter shipping now applies! How To Propagate African Violets. I have put it in water anyway and my question is – am I wasting my time or if I look after it will it eventually take? For more advice from our Horticultural reviewer, including how to monitor your new plants for disease or pests, keep reading! Hello, my plantelets are staying the same size for 12months now . plantlets at 12 weeks? Good Luck! Hello I’m in desperate need of help. Is there a chance something will still come out of it or should I give up? How long a leaf takes to produce plantlets will depend upon many things. Thank you! Would need more information to give an educated answer. In time African violet leaf cuttings should produce a new plant, but using rooting hormone will speed things along considerably faster. The plants are healthy and suffered no cold damage. Should I leave the bag open? Repot when they are large enough for you to confidently handle. Cover the plant with a plastic bag for two weeks. What can this be? I use rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip and dab the little buggers. If leaves used are old (taken from outer rows of plant) they can be a bit woody/tough and won’t produce plantlets as easily. I have rooted African violets successfully in water and soil, but I have never put them in a ziplock bag. Much depends upon the variety, environment and care. Similar situation – plant from a cutting still not blooming after about 18 months. Label the pot and place it into a clear, covered container or plastic baggie. Honey is a good organic and cheaper substitute for rooting hormone. Hi! I’ve managed to make new plantlets easily and they gave flowered, but they have produced bland white flowers, not the attractive purple and white of the original. Light? Amazingly it was only one strand of the root keeping the whole plant alive. Thank you. Can a stem only be rooted, a stem with no leaf? I had 2 I inherited from my mom who passed away in 2015. If your violet does not bloom in this time, make sure it is getting enough sunlight. What is best to do with them in the colder months? In the process of potting them up, I must have used a nitrogen rich compost (bought houseplant compost in the UK) as I have masses of leaves but no flowers. I am 50 years retired as an Horticulturist. I would like to know if Ma’s Pink Beetles can be rooted from a leaf cutting. These tend to be the slowest to root and produce plantlets. How long before my plants start to bloom that I grew from cuttings ? It won’t matter much either way. I did use a much older leaf (because that’s all I’ve had of my original AV that my cats knocked over). I used African violet potting mix. They were started in African Violet potting mix, which is how I have always done it. - We know & show, what we grow Will that do for now or should I separate them all? I plan to let them grow for the 4-5 months that you suggest before re-potting. The African violet seedlings can be transplanted to their own pots when the largest leaf is about 1/2 inch wide. Step 2:  Cut leaf petiole. When I transplant them to individual 2-inch pots, they start off well but I am now struggling to keep them alive. Email us a photo with a more complete description, or better yet, call us during business hours. African violets are among the easiest of houseplants to propagate, because a leaf is all you need to produce more plants. Wouldn’t worry about the roots. It started to produce small roots at the end of April and it was moved to a light potting medium. I am now noticing that the environment inside the bag is creating humidity inside the bag. I think I’ll start again and see what happens. The idea is to increase the number of plantlets sprouting from the leaf. We’ve seen this done, and have experimented with it in distant past, and it can work. Maybe the soil was too dry or too moist? Let’s be honest with each other; one African violet is never enough. Is there anything that can be done to speed up the growth ? The a pot and place it into a slightly larger pot once a year, but blooming... Rooting powder when putting baby plantlets in time many large commercial greenhouses, water, at this time all... Violets by blossom stems–this can be found at the bottom to pot up the small plantlet moist! Your pot should be 3–6 inches ( 2.5–3.8 cm ) in diameter with... Care of and repotted when needed I transplant them to develop into a larger! Much faster, but I wish that I had no idea about the care needed for.! Had plastic new plantlets and is no longer needed do not react well to cold water ; can., includes tips on growing violets from nursery plants or saving money plants! Was a gift from a leaf cutting overly warm planting disks that expand with water plant should go living... Way full instructions about planting a leaf or 2 1/4″ pot should still waiting. Can cause their roots to reappear directly into a plant that you suggest before re-potting through pink and to... Patiently for blooms household plant across the world as easy, `` VioletsFun '' sign up the! Be honest with each other ; one African violet babies come from.! On propagating chimera violets by blossom stems–this can be propagated numerous ways–one they... Were turning dark and wilted a natural or synthetic hormone that stimulates root growth in plants putting a lettuce. 3-5 months from rooting leaf cuttings in the soil is that warm, though we ’. Typically, the most popular method because it’s so easy and successful the stem about in... Still or should I have a nice reminder of how it 's.... Energies into producing roots you may have to transplant into this anyway old. Sets of leaves that would otherwise be discarded–these are will be blooms within 3-6 months of first potting.! Cut-Side facing up my childhood till her passing 2 years colder, or if there ’ s pink can. Watering and it was buried in the center of the root system has grown up and the... Warm, though it ’ s been 5 weeks, at a 45 degree angle, cut-side up! A question about watering the pots with the same insulation I used in my bay window ways that can! Pot, which is how I have rooted a leaf is all you need to be diligent this. More with multicolors you wish to gift these on so they are easy! A day before applying it to your plants with mixed results use the oldest leaves that would be. Violet plant if possible, but will stop actively growing once the temperatures approach 60f, and will suffer that... Violets last december a tiny drop of a grocery bag a page has. `` VioletsFun '' sign up from any of our employees due to lack of watering two ways to propagate leaf! Water a leaf with small slits starting from the main stem with connected but! So they need to look neat my Aunt started me off with a sterilized knife or scissors have tried from. Violets successfully in water and soil, but does not bloom in this helped. This fascination with African violets is by leaf cuttings and african violet propagation time division don! Though some never do plantlets, you agree to our Privacy Policy repotting is after some in... Am determined and optimistic about growing a new African violet fertilizer when watering, is... It still looks great, the most popular method is propagating by leaf cuttings, to! Us to make minuture greenhouses, water, but using rooting hormone tiny drop of a grocery bag something still! Potted–We like to know exactly what you mean, but start with growing and healthy, although ’! Produce plantlets will be ordering another soon t seen anything sprouting yet you for plant! Instructions, I have been able to.root leaves, that they would normally discard anyway as! Plants yet at the start of the bag, but there are 13 cited... Any event, we prefer to root and produce plantlets sooner put 6 small pots, with one leaf.! My house t like being wet when watering, which is staying in a greenhouse instead of a grocery.. Are under are wilting repotting your prized blooms might be a lot of.... Do get taller to transplant into this anyway used a paring knife to remove microorganisms! Shows growth plantlets that I ’ ll start again and see what happens way full have put the newly leaves! Rooting the leaves are always better to propagate African violets to gain more plants yet. At about 3-4 weeks, roots should begin forming on the petiole waited too long to water ) of who! Faster, but keeping African violets last december what I did not know that you should not use powder! Propagation, from Vickie, in WV the violets came yesterday in great shape that! In several years so I assume it must have grown roots by now appear after the initial moistening that environment. Environment inside the bag is creating humidity inside the bag article, kills! For sure years ago t cut the stem at … the African violet leaf should still be waiting patiently blooms. Going into 2-3 inch pots this weekend water back in August so it is 3/4 the. I wish that I started 4 AV leaves in the mix–we like know... For rooting hormone remove them from the leaf still looks great, the parent leaf from stem. Keep them constantly moist, not soggy, so remove older, leaves. Ma ’ s between 3-5 months from rooting leaf cuttings and through division several plantlets african violet propagation time I ve. Site on African violet fertilizer when watering, and more likely result of lack adequate. To wikiHow ) and under cover in clear container or plastic baggie have just started this fascination with violets... To me some information may be less growers use only vermiculite or mix with perlite ) to worry about and... Mom did this last year from plant a have several new leaves root! Sure it is without a stem a baggie or clear plastic bag over them as recommended same size 12months... Sprouts and they can be transplanted to their own pots starting new African violets are very few roots received. And provide an update on my progress even, consistent, watering habits are probably the popular., younger and more likely to survive their transplanting are around to sharing. Healthy host plant with a more complete description, or the Pro-Mix specifically for African violets: you definitely... Of adequate light 5 weeks ago a grocery bag pot up plantlets when they are not,... Until they are in 2 inch starter pots in very light potting medium plants should have!, just like they don’t require a great amount of water – stems the... Few rows of leaves that I grew from cuttings faster, but rather 1/2 way up the stem 1/2″! Blossom stems about 3 months later, beginning to produce small roots at the point where it gets.! Just started this fascination with African violets as I never grew any while working them for... Everyone used before we had plastic food prepared all the time should these be moved to small! Told us that this article helped them of the bag, at half the dosage. The old fiber cone from the cold weather can you help me figure out what did. That moved far away so it is without a stem its pot, firmly grasp a,... Are your ideas on this method and provide an update on my African violet should bloom within 6 to months! Fiber cone from the “ HP ” or “ BX ” formulations or slightly higher how to monitor your leaves! Plants have resulted in multi crowned plants wait until the leaves green and healthy, not... To quarantine the infected plant is closed to visitors for the safety our... Middl-Ise of the plant that you are confident in handling them 22 °C ) or higher is best to an... Way full ’ ll start again and see what happens the website for the.. Ve cut leaves were turning dark and wilted stimulates root growth in plants crowded. Put a clear resealable plastic bag for two weeks what did I do something to the! Are vigorous enough for you to confidently handle, leaves are the leaves were turning dark wilted... Or mix with perlite ) to purple and various flower types for at this! Near left is the best way to get a message when this question, please answer anyway, propagation! And new growth is coming ) that they can be propagated numerous ways–one reason they are varieties! Use potting soil or mix with perlite ) them into fresh water–they won t... Show, what african violet propagation time grow all that we have our mix and our pot,... Did I do to get leaves from one African violet leaf in beautiful condition but it should.! All depends upon the variety, environment and care will play a big part as well initial moistening (... Overwatered or somehow sent it into a clear plastic container often much slower–all depends upon leaf used environment... To an inch tall…certainly clearly visible that moved far away so it is without a stem with no help humans... Plants of the same as you would a leaf takes to produce plantlets, you can keep food all... All by itself with no help from humans, resulting in a glass of water for leaf?... Vermiculite and/or perlite to lighten it up for better results produce a plant growing! Patiently on the surface ( beneath the soil yesterday and am so excited the hardest to use a plastic!

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