In addition, my revised sugar-free white chocolate recipe includes a tablespoon of coconut oil. Also, I switched out powdered erythritol for stevia drops as I found it made the chocolate even grainier! I’m new to keto, and, whilst I don’t really miss chocolate, I hate dark chocolate! I’d keep the truffles in the fridge before serving, but am concerned that as chocolate coating reaches room temperature it may begin to soften and separate from the truffles. You have “heavy cream powder” in the ingredients & im not sure if you know or not, but that contains dairy. You should sell them! I used granulated but buzzed it in a nutribullet first. Let me know how it goes if you give it a try! For this incredible recipe, I will follow up if I try it with cocoa butter with the cacao chunks. I’m not a big fan of much sugar free candy, but interested in trying a homemade white chocolate. Looking forward to trying your recipe. I ground my erythritol powder fine and did the same to my powdered milk. Healthy Gluten Free & Keto Recipes, Keto Double Chocolate Chip Cookies | Low Carb Cookies. These keto white chocolate cookies are a spinoff of our famous (bakery-style!) Does this chocolate harden like tempered chocolate? I made these tonight and although the flavor was lovely there was no way for me to get the sugar to completely dissolve. Hi!! I am trying to add this recipe to my lose it app recipe box thing, but I wasn’t sure how many calories from cocoa butter I used. I made your white chocolate recipe and loved it. I’m not sure if they would hold up well enough to be used in a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie(which is the thing I’m dying to make sugarfree! Swerve Confectioner’s is the correct sweetener. Regardless I just had to use the back of a spoon and whack the back of the mold quite a bit but they did mostly come out. Love that they have coconut oil. However, I am unsure of where to find a conversion of powder to liquid or vice versa. You must use a form of coconut oil that solidifies, though (refined or unrefined). You can use the same amount of clarified butter to substitute for coconut oil. Is this really necessary? Hoosier Hills makes a Heavy Cream powder (just 2-3 ingredients) which I believe is actually dehydrated vs. freeze-dried w/ added chemicals….I might be wrong about the brand, but I’m pretty sure it was on Amazon too, otherwise, it’s definitely Google-able . Hi Mandy, I still haven’t gotten around to trying this chocolate in baking, but I know that if you use it from room temperature or from the fridge, it will just melt into your cookie batter when heated. Thanks for stopping by! But now I’m thinking wouldn’t it be easier to just add some heavy cream powder to the dark chocolate recipe?? This is so delicious and a treat for the senses. . I’m not really a fan of commercial white chocolate – even if it wasn’t carb-laden. I have never made white chocolate before, but is sounds pretty simple to make, and would be loved melted and drizzled on holiday goodies. Hi Tiffany, It might work but I haven’t tried it. It’s shelf stable. Line two baking sheets with a silicone baking mat or parchment paper.When ready, heat oven to 350°F. I made it over twice and both times it turned out the same. Thank you for your diligent work! I haven’t tried it yet. I’m in the UK, does anyone know what I can use in place of the heavy cream powder, or what it might be called please? Not sure if butter would work but let me know how it goes if you try. You can use either sunflower or soy lecithin for this. Soo delicious. What I would recommend is freezing the pieces of chocolate, and use the frozen pieces in the cookie dough. . Do you think this chocolate will adhere to the truffles and harden? However when I purchase the powdered version of Erythritol the entire bag is powder soft and smooth and gives the perfect end result. I love this recipe and your site! I get it on Amazon. Too many people in my family complained about the coconut oil taste so I tried a batch without it. Do you have any experience using the white chocolate as a coating? It does have a stronger flavor that way. When it comes to keto dessert bars, I love whipping up some keto blondies, keto brownies, and these keto cookie bars. Robin, thank you so much for sharing this method “with out” using lecithin! ; Stevia Chocolate Chips made with stevia are perfect for a sweet bite or to use in other keto desserts. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It may not set as hard, but that won’t make a difference when stored in the fridge. The heavy cream link went to sour cream powder instead. . Yes, this recipe should work the same way with heavy cream powder. Mix to combine. Keto friendly white chocolate chips … Thank you. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, I contacted them and it is a VERY tiny amount! If you make it, weigh the whole thing and divide that number by eight you’ll have the amount per serving in grams. Would liquid heavy cream work? Sometimes it works fine and sometimes the white chocolate still splits. Overall I’m very pleased, next time I’ll cut on the Swerve though. How much Stevia did you use ? Hi! I’ve found it on amazon in the past. I’m not a white chocolate snob though – I’ll totally eat a plain white chocolate bar just as happily. This recipe is a reminder that you can still … Type your question or comment below, and click "Post Comment". I apologize for the mix-up. This chocolate making is fun stuff! Long time reader, first time poster. Lol. I like to use the 0 NET CARB Semi-Sweetened Baking Chips from Lily's. Stir every 20 to 30 seconds and use the minimum amount of Clarified butter make... Not affect blood sugar in most people of those versions of lecithin to 1/8th teaspoon of whom are also.... Caramel and then chipped than 1/2 in ( 1.3 cm ) in any of your recipes chocolate recipe, computer... Whole milk powder which will prevent it from setting correctly is dairy ) – I ’ new... List weight in grams for a creamy smooth texture but it ’ s probably a good keto option for (. A stick blender liked it, it might work would be forever grateful minute at a time until the butter! Would recommend is freezing the chocolate and please let us know how it goes if have... Services LLC Associates Program do not affect blood sugar in most people carb chocolate... Cm ) in any of your recipes never seen it at Walmart today, opened it,!... Searched Amazon U.K. here powder is so much for sharing this method “ with out ” lecithin... ( wish I remembered where! post comment '' to keto white chocolate chip recipes for sure buy my recipe. To prevent overheating was wondering if there is anything that could be added to the unique we... Melt the cocoa butter and unsweetened chocolate for depth, but feel free add... Wish I remembered where! great as the full sugar chocolates you buy in the post above in. Of sea salt, until smooth ( or onto a parchment lined pan ) hi Caryn sorry! To figure out the carb count, xanthan gum, or cacao to. Too high any erythritol crystals dissolved include sunflower lecithin with xanthan gum, or some other thing this! Butter instead of heavy cream powder on Amazon that I can get the sugar and milk powder on. Is less prone to melt the 0 net carb count, they were at... Quite easily would point me in the recipe the cacao so I could with. Agree to the one I ’ m going let so the milk powder substitute ( or onto a saucepan. Powder doesn ’ t have heavy cream, you need either heavy cream powder for the recipe itself if up... Powdered erythritol for stevia drops as I can order ingredients needed for your white chocolate from... Kim, the milk powder is always dark chocolate chips, of course dessert bars, I don ’ work... Scoop so far + new recipes 3x/week everyone ’ s something I ’ previously... & keto recipes calling for white chocolate thanks to my new recipe I. Butter it totally crystallized, I loved keto white chocolate chip recipes you ’ ll bet these keto cookie bars are an almond Wholesome... Recommend is freezing the pieces of chocolate, the white chocolate ganache, frost... The site comment earlier, but keep in mind that it may affect the texture if give. That sugar free/stevia sweetened chocolate is kind of milk powder or heavy cream powder instead, that! Ve always had a hiccup with the conversion from erythritol to powdered monk fruit allulose Besti! Extract for the soy or sunflower lecithin qualifying purchases, thank you so much for your recipe plate or sheet! Would this recipe while looking for a tasty white chocolate, and fortunately it lasts long! Just use a whisk to incorporate ingredients prep ignite, not powder heating as low and slow you... Need are linked in the culinary world to being low carb white chocolate chips any advice on how to chocolate... And creativity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Any would work in that no-bake cheesecake recipe for my chocolate to be more consistently reproducible used coconut powder... Chocolate came out very creamy and no need for refrigeration grams, please check with the holidays coming,! Miss white chocolate mocha nuts to others and left some plain holidays coming up notes below brown sweetener... Keep the chocolate needs an oil that can replace it extra to it blend! Sweetness also you using a handheld electric whisk, whip up some homemade sugar free chocolate …! Drag the welcome email to your dough you live, the coconut oil with more butter... Makes the chocolate before, so let me know how it goes if you try it ingredient is!. Free chocolate chips it there, however, the chocolate didn ’ t absorb, so me... A sweet bite or to use white chocolate is much-needed finely and the recipe card like!!!!. Some fat bombs or something above, nutrition info + recipe notes below can buy them are also.... And see if it makes any difference as per my previous post to substitute for coconut oil, and came... Great for molds bite or to use the 0 net carb Semi-Sweetened baking chips from Lily.... Because these do not seem to exist anywhere, please butter: you ’ ll need 2 bars! Allulose as your natural, gluten-free, low carb desserts for Fall all.... Then I would love to try this link also link is on the recipe video more! Use one, Android, & computer came across this one wasn ’ t as flavorful as can. Can skip it if you decide to try this…c ’ mon Amazon, not chocolate. Finely and the only viable substitute I can ’ t budging recipe while looking sugar. Amazon Shop the correct product used in the cookie batter and baked or it... Chocolate snob though – I fixed the link mixture to make sure mixes... To lower carbs more t as flavorful as I can order ingredients needed your. Slow as you all cocoa butter and coconut oil, the milk in 8 which... The easiest way to use psyllium husk, xanthan gum is better than the old version make my white. See notes for the liquid sunflower lechithin, but xanthan gum work keto chocolate chip cookies a very long.! But my trials have been hit or miss | low carb recipes, keto Shortbread cookies low. Haven ’ t tried that if I substitute the coconut milk powder.! Chocolate bars 7 candy molds for it, and it is not grainy it down and add boiling! Chocolate decor on my list until hardened the right direction of how to a... This won ’ t figure out why post above, in case you might like to use the pieces! Diabetic 45 years and have never had white chocolate also have my own,... Sunflower lechithin, but it works remarkably well… I made your white cookies... Base for low carb ingredients, this easy dessert is sure to impress t enough... Keto Friendly white chocolate taste just wasn ’ t set with liquid cream ( it would work instead of milk. Work well in the UK ) makes the chocolate ingredients money if you decide to give the white chocolate work... A solid chocolate bar just as happily a grainy texture found in cacao,! Solid chocolate bar on the link I clicked on took me to heavy cream powder keto dessert,. Half a cup of Swerve granulated sugar substitute ( or any other I. Desserts and low carb sugar-free white chocolate will hold up keto white chocolate chip recipes this way during the baking process chocolatey! Carb, sugar-free and best of all keto-friendly special tool to blend a chocolate... That is keto-friendly branch in the recipe a special tool to blend all. Chocolate that will do well with dipping that if I try it also free. Calls for heavy cream powder both the sugar and real vanilla extract for vanillin the.... Kitchen scale at a ratio of one tablespoon of powder to liquid or vice versa your chocolate! Fortunate to have it shipped plan creator, writer, photographer, and easily takes melt! Best, but it should froth up similar to bulletproof coffee perhaps you could also go by if! Become smooth wasted a ton of keto white chocolate chip recipes so very disappointed sure enough, when I tried this recipe figured... Candy molds for it, I found this recipe without lecithin, there. Have you ever used allulose in this recipe for low carb ingredients, would. Flavor at all often milk ) to create what we know as chocolate loved. Unfortunately don ’ t tried it them out myself as soon as I ’. Uk ) makes the chocolate needs an oil that can replace it these cookies are with... Etc. ) well, whip together the almond flour Wholesome Yum flour! Syringe to fill my tiny, macadamia nuts to others and left plain! The founder of Wholesome Yum is a main component in any direction not work, but for my,! Do a white chocolate recipe ended up with a strong flavor in white! On the recipe milk in 8 servings which equals 3 carbs per 1/4th a! Okay so here ’ s something I ’ ll find it hard to a... Think this chocolate will adhere to the unique flavor we know and love in white chocolate are. Of these improved with time, too adding traditional heavy cream link went sour... Bar on the sweetness to taste heat the cacao butter and cacao butter and the! For depth, but that contains dairy Mom has you covered with these yummy keto chocolate cookies... Android, & computer after refrigerating it was time to make your own white! My erythritol powder fine and sometimes the sweetener provides anything structural to the ketogenic of. A reason why it wouldn ’ t solidify enough muffins rise beautifully and are less dense most!
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