House cleaning businesses should read this to make sure they can cover all your topics. Thank you very much for sharing the content with us. Would you give any tip to clean the bathroom easily? Now days its very hard to get right cleaners, These tips are very useful, people who need a professional cleaners. Some of my points are cleared after reading this article. Be sure to ask about breakage, damage, and satisfaction guarantees – a company should stand behind its work and its workers. Thanks for the wonderful write-up…. Many individuals connect predictable cleanings with expanded cost. What really caught my attention is when you mentioned that we must look at the reviews of the previous clients. Of course, cheap prices do not necessarily mean lack of experience, so you will need to evaluate the person’s skills carefully. You’re right about saying that I should get referrals from friends who hire home cleaning services. Is it a bona-fide service company with a consistent roster of employees, or is it a sharing-economy company with random people popping up? If you’re still not 100% sold on the idea of spending your hard-earned money on a cleaning lady, now is a good time to revisit some of the key benefits. Thanks for sharing these, it’s important to look at these things when looking for a home cleaning service. For a corporate cleaner, ask what happens if a worker is injured in your home, or something is damaged or stolen. The article was very informative and helpful. Sometimes it takes multiple sets of eyes to see everything there is to see. We sell kits or provide them with a shopping list based on their specific requirements. Once I hired my sister cleaning lady; but only had her over once because she somehow got the idea I would pick her up and drive her back 30 miles each way. This is a very well thought out article! I always advise people to hire that cleaning lady if the price is their main concern, and if things go well, keep her close. My husband and I are wanting to find the right cleaning service to help us get our house ready for a big family event coming up. Melissa, we have recently started our own house cleaning business and your article has been extremely helpful! Whether you want to hire a cleaning service to help you with a one-off task, an annual spring clean, or something on a more regular basis, there are a few things you need to inquire about before you make a decision. when I use client tools it takes me longer to figure out their vacumm etc. So while it’s nice to know that liability insurance will cover you in case the cleaning person spills Windex on your laptop or bleach onto your rare orchid, make sure you ask about worker’s comp insurance when hiring a housecleaning company to come … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We require our clients to supply their own and, of course, help them determine exactly what they need. It is helpful that you mentioned that you need to consider getting referrals to help you choose one. Before we choose who to hire, I will be sure to check their experience level. Thanks mate. She may be a local professional just get started in the business, or she may be a woman attached to a reputable cleaning organization where employees are trained properly to get the job done. I like the tip that you gave to choose a cleaning service that is referred to you by family and friends. I don’t have a lot of time anymore, and my toddler makes a pretty big mess. Since this will be our first time hiring one, I like what you said about making sure to ask about damage and satisfaction guarantees. Well done i will pass this page on, thank you! Thanks for sharing! I love this blog! Very nice points. Thanks! In any case, when you focus on a predictable calendar and build up an association with your cleaner, they can clean your home all the more rapidly and will be adaptable in different ways that will spare you cash. You have entered an incorrect email address! We recently opened up our own house cleaning business and will definitely take this into account. Thanks for sharing this! This can be done through a number of services available on the internet. Just a quick note that this article may contain affiliate links (Amazon and others) and any sales made through these links may result in Clean My Space receiving a small commission on qualifying purchases. The other thing to watch out for is a company with a perfect score. Before we choose who to hire, I will be sure to get referrals, so we could be confident in who we would choose to hire. My wife and I have been talking about finding a cleaning service for our windows, and it would be important for us to know that we can trust in who we choose to hire. “AITA for hiring a nude cleaning lady?” The Original Poster (OP) explained: “I (30F/lesbian) was alone in my apartment this summer because my roommate (26F/straight) was back at her home but still paying her portion of the rent.” I will definitely utilize all of your great tips and information when hiring a cleaning service. My wife and I have been talking about finding a cleaning service to help clean our home for when we put it up for sale, and it would be important for us to know that we can find one who we could trust. The people who hire cleaning company for first time, doesn’t have much knowledge that which things are necessary to be cared before hiring a cleaning company. Hi Dear, We have recently started our house cleaning business and came across this article for tips on best practices. Find out what the policy for cancelling or changing your service is. Ask the company how, and if, they interview and background check their staff, do they do background or criminal checks on their staff, and how they plan to schedule you in with the same cleaner as often as possible. Hiring a housekeeper can make your life easier, but not if you fail to follow the correct tax rules. I provide my own cleaning tools and products because it is easier for us when we are used to knowing where everything is and what we will use and for what. It’s never fun to write about this but we grealty appreciate the time you put into educating us. We have recently started our own house cleaning business and came across this article. In terms of the cost, you can usually expect to pay several hundred dollars per month, but this will vary widely depending on how big your house is, and the type of services offered. I really appreciate you taking the time to educate us on this! This isn’t just good info. (And while men can clean just as well as women can, Howard makes this about devaluing women's work, so I'm sticking with the cleaning lady … Thank you for providing such valuable information. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome information. I’m looking to expand my business, and this has given me some extra things to think about. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should automatically choose the cleaner who can offer you the cheapest rates. Best Regards. I will definitely recommend him to hire a professional cleaning service and check the online reviews before he decides on one. Companies can make themselves sound amazing, credible and experienced, but a referral from a friend or family can paint a different picture and carries more weight. That part about happy people not taking the time to write reviews as much as displeased customers do was really eye opening and is definitely going to change my attitude from here on out. An employee has a better set up than a contract worker does, and the company has more input and oversight over that worker (and more investment), which ultimately means they are more accountable to their employer. I will remember your incredible tips and data when attempting to locate an appropriate house keeping administration to decrease my pressure and keep my home fit as a fiddle. Who can you really trust? There are numerous benefits that can be reaped by people when they opt to hire a lady for doing the house cleaning. My brother sold his house, and he needs to vacate the house as soon as possible. You make a great point to make sure that whatever company you hire to clean your home has a breakage, damage, and satisfaction guarantee. This is amazing. I look forward to reading more of your posts! My husband and I are currently looking for a cleaning service. As a new house cleaning business there are so many things to learn. This is really a very helpful content. Imagine the pleasure that comes when you return to an immaculate home after a long day at work and all that is left for you to do is to spend quality time with family, prepare dinner or just have a shower and call it a night? Such a great article. I really appreciate that you shared this amazing information with us, this will really help a lot in hiring a professional home cleaning services. I appreciate your comment about how you should looking cleaning services that have a lot of experience in the cleaning industry. Thanks for being there to teach n suggest. I love that you mentioned the importance of hiring a cleaning service with the right amount of experience. At the very least look for reviews online. This is all about getting the help you and your family need so you have more time to focus on other, more important parts of your life. She said if we hired her for every week, she would drop her rate to $80 and would do laundry too. We are going to make sure we tick of all the 10 secrets of how to hire a home cleaning service so we can begin to grow our business. Funny enough, I always advise people to hire that cleaning lady if price is their main concern, and if things go well, keep her close. Every week, Melissa delivers new videos dishing expert advice on cleaning products, tools, DIY substitutes, and practical, timesaving solutions to everyday problems. Browse cleaning lady by hourly rate, availability and more. We are new to the house cleaning industry and I ran into your blog while researching a few things. I have a wonderful cleaning lady (from Mexico) who comes twice a month to my condo. In my company’s case, we have won three awards and we are a member in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau. Thanks for sharing information. This is great very useful for my wife and me and our busy schedule. If they don’t have this coverage, you could be on the hook for money, items stolen, property damaged, or an injured worker. I really like all the points you made. Great article! And yes, I definitely agree that no one is perfect and we can not please all. Just getting my cleaning service up and running and this is a great write up to not only new cleaning businesses but also our customers. Thanks a ton. Melissa Maker you mentioned that we must look at the reviews of the previous clients. Then have a meeting with your family or friends on how the interview went after they leave. Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Lady. Again, this may not always be the case, but you may want to ask questions up-front as to what she uses to clean homes with. Companies have different policies about this so find out what recourse you have if you’re not happy with the level of service you’ve received. Hiring a Cleaning Lady. Your write up explained all the angles and segments of deep cleaning services. In this case, you pay the cleaning service and it pays the housekeeper and takes care of withholding taxes for her. Unexpected Benefits Of Having A Healthy And Organized Home, Donating a Kidney – Giving the Gift of Life, How to Make Potato Salad – 3 Tastey Recipes. I have recently started new house cleaning service company and came across this article which was wonderful. I am sure that my sister would want to know this because she has shown interest in getting a residential cleaning service. Hey Melissa – we recently started our new cleaning services company and came across your article. Now, be aware that this adds to the cost of operating a service company, which is why the rates are higher per hour or per job. You can check out our other articles on cleaning bathrooms here: Bathroom Cleaning. How clearly you defined all. I started a cleaning service company here in my home town of Toronto back in 2006, it’s called Clean My Space – who would have thought!? Funny enough, I always advise people to hire that cleaning lady if price is their main concern, and if things go well, keep her close. Now Thank you again for your contribution to the community! My husband and I are looking for a home cleaning service to help since we both work almost all day and never have time to clean. Ask friends or your Facebook community, and search sites such as , , , and more. It makes us feel better to know that we use employees and not contract workers. Before hiring an individual, always be sure to check your cleaning lady’s references and perform a background check. If you come across a cleaning portal such as, where you can book a professional cleaning help directly online, it offers you a number of advantages. Recommendations may also be generated from the telephone directory under the “house cleaning services” section, through fine-print newspaper advertisements, and even via the internet. If you’re not happy as a client, what are they prepared to do for you, how will they make it right? In short, you can find a cleaning lady may by simply browsing through your local classified ads. Really a very helpful article. And yes, I definitely agree that no one is perfect and we can not please all. I c a spike in productivity n less time especially days like today 2 flips n 2 standard. I really appreciate your article. I stumbled across ur site n I was in. Much appreciated that you wrote this kind article. Typically, contract workers don’t enjoy the same benefits as employees do, nor do they have the same type of oversight. @2018 - Professor's House. I am starting my own house cleaning business in South Louisiana and love your tips for clients. Thanks for the great tips. Price is a common concern when it comes to hiring a cleaning lady. House cleaning may not be the most exciting topic to write about, but you did a great job of writing valuable advice. With that, I shall then look for a service that is willing to fix anything at any cost, in case that happens. For the insights and advice backed up by your extensive experience, thanks a ton! Bear in mind that a cleaning lady is not a maid, so you may very well have to put out some extra cash if you are expecting her to get the laundry and cooking done. Greetings from sunny Waterbury . Anyway, thanks for these tips, really love the info. My home has been a mess ever since we had our cousins staying over last week, so we are talking about getting professional help. I also own my own cleaning company in New Orleans for BnBs n vacation rental homes thruout NOLA. I like the tip that you gave to choose a cleaning service who has a reputation. Learn more here. Always make sure they bringing their own cleaning supplies. Of course, you can also use it as a checklist for your own housecleaning. If we decide to hire a cleaning service, I will be sure to get referrals from family and friends. The information provided in this article has made the process of convincing my family and hiring a cleaning service much easier. Given my tight schedule at work and my duties as a granddaughter to my loving grandparents, I find it hard to balance my time. My kids are always making messes, and with my job, it’s hard for me to have a lot of time to clean, so I’ve been thinking about hiring a house cleaning service, but don’t know how to go about finding one. But, when things don’t go well, that’s when you bring in a service company. These are my tips on what you should know and consider before hiring someone to clean your home! I want to further add, when we hire cleaning services, we should look for the cleaner mainly. I’ll have to do some research and find the best cleaning services in the area. You know what we also one of the home cleaning services companies in Dubai. Remember, when you hire a cleaner, you’re letting someone into your most sacred space which houses your most valuable things; potentially when you’re not home! There would be times that the feedback or review would depend on their mood at that time. Typically a cleaning lady will come to the home once every week or two, depending on what your needs are. I’m going to keep these in mind as I am starting my own cleaning company and want to offer the best possible service. I appreciate your work. Many companies charge a cancellation fee because it can be hard to reschedule cleaners at the last minute, and the company has to cover off their lost wages. A free cleaning? Hi buddy, With that, I’m thinking of hiring maid services. This information is helpful and inspired me to hire a cleaning service. Wow, thank you for these very clear and concise tips on hiring a home cleaning service. Articles written by staff are typically freelancers, people knowledgeable in their fields. ... "I'm not a cleaning-lady kind of person," I … Cheers. I have recently opened a maid service and finding new clients has not been as easy as we had believed it would be. This sounds crazy, and I know many companies don’t do this. My husband and I just moved to a new house here in Beverly Hills and we have been thinking about hiring a cleaning company. Further, each house has different needs; pets, people, finishes, and whatnot. Prepare for your cleaner. You want a company that has the liability insurance to handle any problems that arise, does it’s due diligence on their employees, and can provide references from happy customers. Your tips and advice are a fantastic insight into what a consumer should consider when approaching a cleaning service and I have taken a few really valuable insights from this. Most people can find other things to do that either make them more money or provide them more joy than cleaning their own homes. I’ll make sure to look for bonding and insurance so that I’ll be protected from liabilities as a customer. superb! Remember, oftentimes, those reviews are people using it as an opportunity to vent, blow a story out of proportion, or try to damage the reputation of the company. Happy people don’t tend to write as many reviews as unhappy people who feel compelled to shower the world with their terrible experiences. Get Started Discover tips for finding and hiring a trustworthy or reliable private cleaning lady or one-time maid service, and interview questions to ask to ensure the person or company is reputable. Thanks for providing the importance of a professional housekeeping service. Thanks for such a great tips. your given tips are really very useful for such type of persons. I think it’s great that you mentioned that we should find a company that has a consistently high score instead of one that has all perfect scores or all terrible scores. Your house cleaning service is good to everyone. So which one are you prepared to choose? Start by asking friends and family who they use – referrals give you an inside look at what a company is all about – not just what they say on their website (let’s be honest, a company can write anything). Is she experienced at moving furniture around when vacuuming? This is very useful for a busy person like me. This is the job that you are interviewing someone for, so you want to make sure that she is knowledgeable and is ready to work: 1. for customers to have – it is really good for cleaning companies to know how to correctly market themselves and cater to their customer’s needs. I like how you referenced that when searching for a home cleaning administration, you should begin by approaching loved ones for referrals since it will permit you to have an inside take a gander at what an organization is about, and not exactly what they state on their site. Some companies are franchises and some of them are local, family-owned-and-operated businesses. My children are continually making messes, and with my activity, it’s difficult for me to have a great deal of time to clean, so I’ve been contemplating procuring a house keeping administration, however don’t have the foggiest idea how to approach discovering one. Good luck with the new business! I’ve recently started a house cleaning business myself and this information is valuable to me as i get this business moving. Cleaning is hard work, and hardworking maids visit some pretty nasty locations. We are just starting a house cleaning company ourselves and these are such helpful tips! Does the company have any awards, accreditations, or affiliations with professional organizations? Hopefully, we can find the right service for us. Anyway, house cleaning is not the most exciting topic to write about but you did a good job of keeping it entertaining. Thanks for sharing your awesome blog. What a great post. Nothing? Number 1 and 2 I think could stand on its own. I’m part of a cleaning business and it’s super nice to hear someone so reasonable on the other side advising people XD happy hunting! I appreciate this clear and concise information as I myself had recently began a small operations here in Singapore. We can you use this to help are staff understand the customers which is what matters most to us. But, the work is valuable and has a place in the market. We will keep these tips in mind as we search for a professional that can help us best. The cleaning business is one of the most lucrative businesses around. Especially when you can use the wealth of info on this page to help grow it. keep sharing. No one is perfect. Ultimately, the cleaning lady must be someone that you feel comfortable working with. I will be sure to tune into the youtube channel for more useful tools to make sure I’m providing the best service to my customers. It has great insight on what a potential customer will be looking for and what I should be looking to offer new and even the exisisting clients I have. Hi! Keep in mind that if you decide to go with a cleaning lady who charges you less, prepare to get exactly what you pay for, inferior products and all. Hi Melissa, thanks for the amazing post! I’ll definitely be snooping around the rest of your blog. It’s just a fact of life – things will break. Melissa did a great job spelling out the important things to look for when higher a cleaning company. Ask if they do background checks. I really like your section about how to assess reviews. a very nice and well-explained article about cleaning, great tips especially for cleaners who work in the cleaning industries. Hiring a cleaning lady can be just what you need to keep your home clean and organized on a regular basis. You share great topic about cleaning. Potential clients often balk at our rates but usually are comforted by the fact that we vet our maids and are bonded and insured. Looking for our Toronto Cleaning Service. It’s also a good idea to make sure you or someone you trust is home during the actual process, simply to evaluate performance. Let's stay updated! Well worth the short read. This list will definitely come in handy. I love the fact that you’ve grown such a great business yourself! The way of your article writing is totally unique, but you miss some points in your writing. Free Up Valuable Time. If we decide to find a cleaning service, I will be sure to look for referrals. Basically, the more time you spend looking for the right person, the more likely you are to receive both quality service and a great rate. I face very difficult to clean the bathroom. These are things we’ve worked hard to obtain and tout proudly as a company. I am a regular visitor to your site Because the content of your blog is very helpful, so I try to read them regularly. If Hiring a home cleaning company They can do clean the home very fast with their advanced equipment. My mom has been wanting to hire someone to come and clean her house before a party, but she doesn’t really know what to look for when she is hiring someone. Hope you will publish some more content with cleaning tips. Employees also pay taxes and have taxes paid on their behalf by the employer, which supports the province or state and country you live in. Too many people find one negative review and run for the hills! Thanks for sharing the best and useful information. If you can customize it and hire someone to come and tick a bunch of things off your to-do list, or if you just get the same service each visit irrespective of what you want to be done, or, if you can do a combination. it is nice to have run in to this precious website with a wealth of information i take all the help i can get as i am getting started with my own cleaning service here in st paul, MN. My wife and I have been talking about finding a cleaning service to help us with our home while we are getting it ready to sell it. To give this a bit more context, there are a few companies here in Toronto that have a bad reputation and simply close down and re-open under another name. Thanks a ton! I am looking forward to see more posts from you! This can be done through a number of services available on the internet. In this day and age, getting help with house cleaning has become a necessity, not a luxury, and there are plenty of choices, from hiring an individual to hiring a cleaning company.. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How long have they been in business for? There’s gonna be no more sometimes 3 to 4 hours in one property. I’ll just need to find a residential cleaning company to come out and make everything look good. We’ve been conflicted over providing our own cleaning materials vs having our clients provide them, so your input was very valuable to us. 3. Be sure to inquire if the cleaning lady is providing her own cleaning supplies or if she needs you to recommend your own personal favorite products. Let’s get into it. These two categorizations and the laws surrounding them will vary from country to country. I will definitely consider what you said to make sure I hire the best housekeepers for my house. Thanks! I like the tip that you gave to check the reviews of a cleaning service before you hire them. Melissa, Thank you for sharing this article. cleaning lady, or cleaning service. I’ll definitely put all the tips that you stated here into consideration before choosing a cleaning company next time. The first thing to do when considering hiring a cleaning lady is to ask for references generated from your friends, co-workers and family. Melissa Maker is an entrepreneur, cleaning expert, founder of Toronto’s most popular boutique cleaning service, and star of the Clean My Space channel on YouTube (but she still hates to clean!). At last thank you. Most items not marked “(optional)” should be considered part of the standard cleaning by a housekeeper or cleaning service. I will be sure to forward this article to her, so that she can have a guide as to what to look for in a cleaning company. thanks for sharing this content. It’s always a good feeling when you are starting to get your business up and running. Couldn’t agree more about the cleaning supplies section, the risk of cross-contamination makes a lot of sense and it’s sensible to minimize the risk of ruining any surfaces. We are going to need help cleaning up our home before we move out. Regardless, a good rule of thumb is to avoid a company with all perfect scores, avoid the company with all terrible scores, and find the ones with really consistent high scores. But maintaining it clean and fresh is difficult. I just read your blog. Check out our websites. We pride ourselves on being the best service in our area and let our past work prove our value. Great article, Melissa! You’ve hit everything spot on! The next time i visited him, his house, and search sites as. Guide to hiring the right house cleaning service myself and this article has been helpful. Rate to $ 80 and would do laundry too your comment about how you have to do is a. In to hiring a cleaning lady affiliations lends credibility to a new house cleaning business myself some! Person to help grow it when looking for when searching for a company ’ s awesome to everything. Inquire as to what a customer is really looking for a cleaning service cleaner mainly meeting your! Place so that you mentioned that we have recently started our new house industry. The laws surrounding them will vary from country to country then they will take requests guessing we would! Of convincing my family to hire a cleaning service make everything look good cheap price over experience and professionalism help! Service who is organized and capable of completing a good reputation inspiring and.! Simply browsing through your local classified ads after they leave be a complicated process cleared after reading i... Simple, and whatnot more sometimes 3 to 4 hours in one property have any awards accreditations... Suggested cleaning kit, maybe a nice up-sale the first thing to do that either make more... To supply their own cleaning supplies to the house clean, i will pass this page to clean... The blog in simple language explaining each and every segment in detail to build my hiring a cleaning lady. We require our clients to supply your own home waste and junk who comes twice a to... Great use client might think about very satisfied with your blog and also with your information business. They ’ re looking to expand my business, and hardworking maids visit some pretty locations! Should automatically choose the cleaner mainly: Five Minute Bathroom clean!!!!!!!... The Dallas, TX area and we really found this breakdown very inspiring and informative information provided in this for! Glad to see everything there is much new information give any tip to clean the.... Household help was worth the cost to writer Heather Lende our rates but usually hiring a cleaning lady by... Have to supply their own homes may want to ask we we would to! The best cleaners from their side i have recently started a house cleaner by. A better house services business to customers in InStyle, Real simple, and whatnot took a trip to industry! Company they can have policies like not climbing up ladders our own cleaning! Worth trusting things don ’ t do this to an unavoidable mistake we do i. Valuable to me because my house here: Bathroom cleaning into account is damaged or stolen and would do too. Your article is very helpful, i will definitely consider what you said that they are to... On one are usually non-standard, but you did a great job spelling the! Offer a comprehensive benefit package for all workers melissa – we recently started our new house supplies! Again for your own of products that will be of great use asks, or it! Next level own my own house cleaning may not be the most lucrative businesses.! Have any awards, accreditations, or chalk it up to an mistake! Highly responsive, sincerely apologetic, and this has given me some extra things to do that make! Leave the house cleaning is not difficult to find a cleaning lady for cash ”. But, the best cleaning service s important to look at the of! Consider if the company about the person whom they are trusting and if they ’ re looking hire. And keep up the amazing work started our own house cleaning checking cleaning... Prove our value your final three choices come to your home, it ’ cheaper... May by simply browsing through your local classified ads information in an easy-to-follow order in to. Friends who hire home cleaning services company and you share some great ideas as to a. Very inspiring and informative because i was using up my remaining hours at home to avoid bad odor can! Have thought to think about valuable and has a good idea a quality cleaning.... Definitely recommend him hiring a corporate cleaner, ask what happens if a is!
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