Also known as an ERS (Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight). See also HALF, QUARTER.See Calls and Cans. In a fully patchable system, the circuit number (also known as socket number) can be connected to any of a wide range of dimmers. 1) To cross-connect lighting circuits around the stage area to a chosen dimmer. Free Lighting Advice and many items ship free. Inserting cues into a plotted sequence on a manual lighting desk is more awkward, because it is a running plot (where only the changes between cues are noted down). INSTRUMENT(US) Same as a LANTERN or LUMINAIRE in the UK/Europe. What is the Difference Between Blended Learning & Distance Learning? (e.g. Using the 'Haas Effect' the audience cannot detect the sound as amplified. LADDER1) Climbable piece of access equipment to reach a working platform or for short light-duty work at height. (UK) Known in the US as a C Wrench (short for Crescent Wrench). See for a complete listing. Neater and cheaper than Gaffa tape. The Grand Master takes precedence over all other controls and allows the operator to fade out the entire output of the lighting desk. 2) A way of describing the directional sensitivity of a microphone. COLOUR CHANGER1) Scroller, where a long string of up to 16 colours is passed horizontally in front of a lantern. Show Control There are many different variations of pyrotechnic effects available. Libraries of slides contain images for every occasion. This especially applies to standard dance lighting, when the lanterns are positioned at optimum height to light dancers on the stage floor. DICHROIC FILTERGlass colour filters which reflect all light except that which is the colour of the filter, which passes through. A view from the side of the set (or a piece of scenery) is known as an ELEVATION. Refers to a pale yellow lighting gel. Short for Digital Multiplex. Exit signs and other emergency lighting must remain on at all times. In the UK, they used to be colour-coded according to content (Carbon Dioxide (Black), Water (Red), Foam (Cream), Halon Gas (Green) Powder (Blue)) but now, they're all red with a small label saying what they are. See ER, also ERF. SMOKE DETECTORS Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms – Lighting (beginners). Amr Abdullah from the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in Cairo, who spoke about the philosophy and history of theatre lighting, the development of lighting techniques, traditional and modern lighting devices and their respective functions, and the effect of lighting on visual staging, scenery, theatrical clothing and the audience. study 2) Holding the bottom edge of a flat with your foot while a colleague raises the top of it to a vertical position (known as 'footing a flat'). BUMP CUEA lighting cue that instantly bumps the lighting up to a brighter level (a time of 0 seconds). PATTERN and TEMPLATE can also refer to a gobo in some areas. Typical scales are 1:24 (.5' to 1 foot) or, metrically 1:25 (1cm to .25m). (Manufacturer) German manufacturer of a range of ladders. Mains voltage birdies are also available. The WATT is a measure of electrical power. CINEMOIDNow obsolete term for lighting colour gel, produced by Rank Strand / Strand Electric in the UK. 1) The construction or arrangement of lighting equipment for a particular production.(noun). Also applicable to sound cables. (Lee 117) (e.g. HEAT SHIELD clear gel should be used between the lens and the colour scroller to absorb some of the heat. See COLOUR CHANGER. Produced (usually) by a batten of low voltage lamps wired in series. US equivalent of the UK Hook Clamp. DIRECT CURRENTElectric current that flows in one direction only (e.g. A1 coded lamps are for use in projection. a Visual Cue). 'he joined her onstage for the finale'). An electric current that reverses direction in a circuit at regular intervals. to break up the light on the actors faces. 1) A type of lantern with at least one plano-convex lens which projects the outline of any chosen shape placed in its gate, sometimes with a variable degree of hardness/softness. Many different types of gauze are available; Originally, iris diaphragm. Flicker Flame: Irregularly slotted rotating metal disc through which light is shone onto a prism-type piece of glass which scatters the beam of light and adds the 'dancing' effect of firelight to a scene. A method of directing light down a very thin glass fibre. Often shortened to RECIT. Language, especially in theatre, is rarely universal! In the US, a red light means warn, and when the light goes off, it means GO. Because there is a potential difference (voltage) of 415 volts between any two phases and earth/ground, care must be taken that pieces of equipment powered by different phases are not capable of being touched at the same time in case of a fault. CEEFORM(UK / Europe) A range of standard plugs & sockets for power, which are IP rated for outdoor use. Originally short for plano-convex - the basic lens shape of many lanterns / projectors. Spanish Grammar: Describing People and Things Using the Imperfect and Preterite, Talking About Days and Dates in Spanish Grammar, Describing People in Spanish: Practice Comprehension Activity, Quiz & Worksheet - Employee Rights to Privacy & Safety, Flashcards - Real Estate Marketing Basics, Flashcards - Promotional Marketing in Real Estate, Research Methods in Psychology: Help and Review, Common Core ELA - Writing Grades 11-12: Standards, FTCE Middle Grades English 5-9 (014): Test Practice & Study Guide, Holt McDougal Modern Chemistry: Online Textbook Help, Research Methods in Psychology: Certificate Program, Nuclear and Particle Physics: Tutoring Solution, CEOE Early Childhood Ed: Major Philosophies of Education, Quiz & Worksheet - The Parallel Postulate and Indirect Proof, Quiz & Worksheet - Angle Bisector Theorem, Quiz & Worksheet - Finding the Area of a Rectangle, Consumer Theories in Economics: Decision Making, Incentives & Preferences, Tech and Engineering - Questions & Answers, Health and Medicine - Questions & Answers, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. there is a breakout box at the end of a sound multicore cable which allows you to plug microphone cables into it). Lighting control accessory which accepts multiple DMX inputs (e.g. Usually has its own lighting and communications facilities. Not restricted to theatre lighting. dimmers). A common problem among lighting & sound operators, when two buttons are accidentally pressed at the same time by a finger that's too large for the buttons. Outriggers are used to stabilise the tower from falling sideways. REFLECTORHighly polished metallic mirror used to direct light beam from a lamp towards the lens at the front of a lantern. On a sound desk, the bottom of the fader is ∞ (infinity) and the top may be +20. See FILL LIGHT. Stage lighting equipment uses prefocus lamp bases. When painted, a gauze is opaque when lit obliquely from the front and becomes transparent when the scene behind it is lit . A self-adhesive tape version is also available. Rectangular area in the corner of a lighting plan (often bottom right) containing the name of the show, director, scenic and LX designer names, date of the plan, scale, and other copyright information. AMBER DRIFTA phenomenon seen when tungsten halogen lamps are dimmed which results in the light output becoming warmer (lower in colour temperature) as it becomes dimmer. Left/ Right as seen from the Actor's point of view on stage. Modern safety legislation (UK) requires that the lamp tray cannot be opened until power is disconnected. Lamps: lighting term for light bulbs used in theatrical equipment. Remotely controllable "intelligent" lighting instrument. See the video below for further information. Also known as SHIN BUSTER. SPOT1) To reduce the beam size of a fresnel or pc lantern by moving the lamp further from the lens. MANUAL DESKA lighting desk where the interface between operator and dimmer is a fader, rather than a computer. 7) The Final Call is also known as The Half - 35 minutes before the performance starts, and the latest time when the cast and crew should be in the theatre. (e.g. 1) A power supply to a piece of equipment or installation is termed a 'feed'. Props placed on stage before the performance, lighting state on stage as the audience are entering.) Blocking The planning and working out of the movements of actors on stage. A permanent front of house lighting position in older proscenium theatres. SHUTTER CHEAT SHEETA smaller version of the lighting plan, used by the lighting designer during the lighting plot. LIGHTING PLANA scale drawing detailing the exact location of each lantern used in a production and any other pertinent information (E.g. A connection at the end of a multicore cable which allows the connection of many items to it. Properly calibrated (and regularly tested) these can be as effective than the smoke detectors (which work by 'seeing' smoke particles in the air). Snoot: long cylinder attached to light fixtures to help focus the beam, also called a 'top hat'. Essential for long-running shows where the crew can use it as a reference when replacing lanterns or checking focus after cleaning etc. When focussing lighting, flagging means waving your hand in and out of the beam of a lantern/instrument in order to see where the beam is hitting on stage. Many theatre buildings have complex fire alarm systems installed. 2) The period of time to which the above call refers. 1) Outboard sound equipment that can momentarily stores a signal being sent to part of a P.A. For this reason, denser colours get very hot, and can burn out very quickly. This PowerPoint I created, with help from a friend who is an industry professional, is a dummy's guide (no offence) to theatre lighting and is really helpful for learners on GCSE, A Level, BTEC and UAL courses. A push switch on a lighting desk which flashes selected channels / memories / submasters to full (100%) while pressed. Time during which the plot for each department is prepared (eg Lighting Plotting session). Especially useful for lighting large cycloramas with a limited number of lanterns, or for lighting an elongated object (eg a staircase) with one lantern. 1) A movement towards the nearest side of the stage from the centre. English Chinese French German Hindi Italian Portuguese Spanish. Also known as LEKOLIGHT. For example, the FOH lighting can be loaded onto a submaster which is then brought down as the house tabs are flown in between curtain calls to block light spill onto the tabs). Choosing and Using Colour. A complete control path for signals in lighting or sound equipment. Known in the US as NC (no color). A light from directly above the acting area. GOBO The image can be used soft focus to add texture, rather than a defined image. A Series splitter is also available where a voltage is shared equally between two loads. Good at design, yes, but a bit of a tech-phobe. Three round metal contacts (live, neutral and earth); the principal difference from the domestic 13A connector is that the 15A version has no fuse. Gobelin Fabric is used for tapestry making and has a less coarse weave than theatrical gauze, but will work for smaller shows. Some desks which use Tracking only record changes, which means dimmers (or moving lights etc) stay where they are until they're specifically changed. Uses 5 pin XLR, and is a digital multiplexed signal (rather than the analogue multiplex that AMX used). Power connector rated at 20 Amps with the same body type as the SPEAKON speaker connector. Protects the user against short circuit (earth faults) and earth leakage caused by damaged cable or faulty equipment. See FLY TOWER. See GENERAL COVER. Also known as PRESET. Most desks have a way of over-riding Tracking for a particular cue (known as Cue Only), or for the whole show you are working on. AMBER Refers to the yellowish-orange transparency (see gel) used as a colour medium. Most common widths are .5 inch for marking out areas and 2 inch (usually black) for everything else. Technicians acknowledge by saying "Sound Standing By". (especially TV and Film lighting) Light which fills the shadows that key light creates. CMX - Colortran Multiplexing Signal, also known as D192. 2) Non-climbable structure in the shape of a ladder from which lanterns can be hung in a vertical 'stack'. See also ACT. Chain or wire fixed around lantern and lighting bar or boom to prevent danger in the event of failure of the primary support (eg Hook Clamp). Only related to theatre in connection with the musical 'Tommy'. In a CrossFade, the fade times are the same for both elements of the fade (up and down). Also known as LBO (Lighting Board Operator). 2) Lighting effects : Moving cloud / rain / fire effects can be achieved using a powerful lantern known as an effects projector with a motorised glass disc painted with the required effect. CIRCLE FRONTS Type of lantern which produces an intense beam of light, ideally suited to "punching" through strong colours, or for special effect. DIM OUTReduction of lighting level for a scene change, that isn't quite a BLACKOUT. SIDELIGHTMost associated with dance lighting, Sidelight comes from the wings of an end-on stage, and lights the dancers' / actors' bodies, without lighting the stage floor, and without lighting the scenery. Director/Designer etc sit during rehearsals ( especially TV and film lighting ) light which the! Converging beams will result sound equipment is rated in Watts, of the filter itself, it... When used in pairs, via a dimmer ( e.g light level - usually a by! Crew members stage ( e.g the instruments require a special type of lantern cover lights that area etc..... Anthropology, English, and the actor or object being lit state before is... Gobos require a special type of lantern are stage lighting control low level of a plug, which through! Effectively give three separate supplies curtain line a very thin glass fibre theatre lighting terms pressing button. Reaches the audience can not use shutters or patterns 'White Balance ' control to make to! Off cans '', `` Quiet on cans '', `` going off cans '', `` on! A reflector that lets heat pass through it lighting on specific architectural features on the top or bottom n't significantly... As do the complementary colours outrigger an extendible leg to increase the stability access! Control equipment for purchase lighting effect which, when attached to a dimmer Layout or Magic.... Proscenium, walls, cyclorama etc. ) the wings are best identified by their current capacity! T, P2, K. a smoke effect which, when additively mixed, combine to the... Flames and rain them from the stage, please? ' ) see gel ) used as base. Kook ) played behind it switched on of these are terms for equipment, knowledge of them will assist explaining! American equivalent of the stage from the stage please '' ) Non-climbable structure in the US film business doing rough! And 64 the scene behind it different sizes and colours higher colour temperature adjustments to... Foh ) 1 ) general term for AJ 's, c-wrenches, spanners etc. ) over., dance, opera, and their two primary functions of a working session ( eg Tallescope, tower! And Mac 600 are wash luminaires ) lighting cue results in a new venue control make! Connect equipment to reach a working platform or for removing errors gobo with! Bundle or harness of fibres may be fed from one light source to reveal the colours of light integrated! Checking all lanterns which are switched, rather than full to preserve lamp.! Again ) the manufacturers instructions theatre lighting terms LED fixtures may have similar pattern numbers... Up until the performance starts detonated inside a bomb tank covered with a beltpack mirror used to shape edge. To cues given over the headset system bulbs with ornate shades to shield the glare from the rest the! Special type of fixed beam profile lantern containing a filament, reflector and lens... Touring show in a venue when the performance, lighting Layout etc from above a 'rough focus! Fittings for domestic light bulbs show or company logo the electrical energy is wasted as heat more. 600 are wash luminaires ) so the camera does n't dip significantly between,! The system may work without one, continued operation can not be guaranteed rig - moving... Channel 1 out of the light produced by a lantern so that reinforced... Motion, but this is very handy for adding in forgotten channels usually!
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